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ICS Close Quarters Combat combines the very best techniques & strategies of martial arts and combat systems from around the world.

Close-Quarters Combat (CQC) can be described as a modern day realistic self-defence system. It's really a mix of many different styles of martial arts in addition to military and police tactics.

CQC was initially formulated for the military services to overcome their enemies at close distance. They required a highly effective system which incorporated unarmed, knife, stick and firearm combat. Through trial and error the military quickly discovered exactly what techniques were the most effective.

ICS Close Quarters Combat combines the very best techniques and strategies of martial arts and combat systems from around the world.

Peter Sciarra is ICS's Head Instructor, he holds a Level 12 Black Belt and is currently Australia's highest ranked and leading Close-Quarters Combat instructor. ICS's head quarters is based in Melbourne, Australia, where Peter regularly runs CQC, weapons, one-on-one and women's self-defence classes.

Integrated Combat Systems is now being taught both in Adelaide and Auckland by Charlie Riley, who has been personally graded and certified by Peter.

As of March 2020 Charlie from MINDSET Self-Defence & Close-Quarters Combat was graded to a Level 10 Black Belt Integrated Combat Systems Master Instructor.

The Australian and New Zealand instructors are continually up-skilling themselves with the ICS syllabus and are regularly attending seminars and workshops with Peter.

CQC can be taught to everybody; young and old, the fit and the unfit. It's a highly effective form of street self defence, the main objective being to help develop the ability to quickly and efficiently defend yourself, a friend or loved one against a violent attack.

CQC will show you ways to use any part of your body as a weapon in virtually any surrounding, you'll learn strikes, kicks, takedowns, joint locks, weapon defence, ground fighting and a lot more. The CQC system is well structured and is in a very easy to learn format, making it perfect for the beginner right through to the advanced martial artist.

The most important aim at ICS is to give you the ability and confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones. Additional benefits will be that you gain a high level of fitness, you'll also meet new people and have fun learning.

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Close-Quarters Combat can be both physically and mentally demanding, if unsure seek your doctor's advice before undertaking any form of physical training or have a word with the instructor.